Want to be a gifted healer?
Learn how!

Lavender RoseThe jam-packed Energy Healing Course supercharges you to be a powerful healer.

Curious about energy healing? The step-by-step process you’ll learn in this virtual retreat will help you first discover and then empower your innate healing abilities.  Tap into your intuition in a way that you never thought possible. You will help yourself and others feel better.

Get ready for an exciting adventure. You'll never see your world the same way again!

"The more healings I do, the more my confidence is boosted. I'm so glad I can help others in this way. I'm grateful to have taken your course and thanks for all your help and encouragement.

Love and Hugs, Nina"

  • The Energy Healing Course and Retreat:

    Are you an experienced bodyworker, therapist or healer looking to expand your capabilities? Perhaps you have no experience but want to heal your clients, family, friends and yourself. Learn in detailed step-by-step techniques to heal energetically.

    This course empowers everyone's innate healing abilities. Here's a brief overview:

    Attuning to the Healing Frequencies

    You’ll attune to the Healing Frequencies through readings, audios, videos and Vibrational Attunements to enhance your awareness, abilities and understanding of vibrational physical healing.

    Appreciating the intricacies of the physical/emotional body 

    You’ll learn about physical and emotional “dictionaries” that can help you to more accurately identify less-than-optimal physical vibrational habits. Then you can facilitate healthy vibrational patterns through the Energy Healing Frequencies.  Specifically, we’ll develop an understanding of basic human anatomy and physical/emotional associations while increasing your own sensory and intuitive awareness.

    Advanced Healing Techniques

    Get ready to Rock and Roll!  You’ll bring everything together to do advanced in-person healings, remote holographic healings and self holographic healings while identifying emotional vibration habits and, when appropriate, date when those vibrational patterns were fixed in the physical body. While the details and stories aren’t necessarily important, just knowing when and what occurred that produced the physical/emotional pattern, the recipient/client can often quickly shift that vibration and make room for a new and healthier way of being.
  • Here's a short video of Jane talking about how her work as a massage therapist changed two months after she took the Energy Healing Course:

  • Topics covered include:

    • A Healer’s Journey - Cathy shares a few of her experiences as a Healer for nearly 30 years.
    • What does Healing mean to you? And your activation to the Energy Healing Frequencies so you can begin healing right away
    • Deepening Your Skills with a Basic, but powerful Healing Technique
    • How Do Frequency Therapies Work?
    • Feeling Energy Fields - A movement process that everyone can do.
    • Scanning the Human Energy Field and Treating Specific Areas
    • Anatomy of the Internal Organs of the Body
    • Is Intuition Paranormal, or Normal? You might be surprised at the answer.
    • Emotions and Physical Healing
    • Dating Trauma in the Physical Body
    • Remote Healing
    • Healing Animals
    • And much more.

    This course represents over 60 hours of training costing over $2000 when presented in a live format. The regular price for this on-line experience is $399.

    Start your own journey today at the special introductory price of $299. This price is available for a limited time only.

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