What Students Are Saying

Just a Few Comments from Students of The Energy Healing Course:

Good Morning Cathy! My name is Christie and I have just begun your course and am BEYOND excited about this!! I just watched the activation video and at one point I felt a surge of energy run through my body but mainly I could feel it in my hands. I know there is no right or wrong way to feel it and I did hear the lady in the video say she felt it in her hands and you said "Good!", so yay! Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into this beautiful course at such a wonderful price! What a blessing you are! Much Love, Christie

Thoroughly enjoying the healing course...and have also enjoyed & gotten a lot out of the Living Matrix DVD! Thank you Cathy for your service and contributions, Lisa.

Hi Cathy, Thank you for the prompt reply! After a couple of hours her headache was completely gone and so was the shoulder ache. smile I loved the Living Matrix as well as "Heal your Life" by Louise Hay! Life is so fasinating and wonderful! smile anyways,hope all is well and that you had a wonderful weekend. Love,V.

Enjoying the course. Have worked on my son, his back has been bothering him. Before I got to the module on dating the injury I felt it far away from his body.I wasn't sure what was going on, so now I know. He says his feet tingle every time I work on him and he does feel better. And...Working with my son about his back pain- I started testing 1yr, 2yr, etc. Then when I came to 14, we remembered what happened. He slipped on wet concrete and fell on his back. It knocked the breathe out of him, but he was ok, we thought. I'm sure he hurt it again and again through out high school, so now it is sensitive. Love, Susan

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful group call last night. It was inspirational and well as giving me things to ponder. I liked what you (Cathy) had to say about healings and getting permission for them. I agree. I feel that yes, just like enlightenment, you are a beaming radiance of healing all the time, but to do an intentional healing it should always have a "yes" by the person recieving it. By the way. . .the healing at the end of the call was incredible!! IT was so powerful that I'm glad that it was close to bedtime and I could just lay down and soak in it. I felt the energies all night shifting, moving, calming and so on. Several times in the middle of the night I woke up and felt like just stretching, then relaxing back into a gentle sleep. THANK YOU! love, Verity

Love, Love, Love the blogs!  (largeself.com) Much love to you, L.

I was visiting some friends and they said their cat Cleo seemed to have trouble with her paw and teeth problems meant she could not eat properly, I tried some healing on her and they rang specially the next day to tell me that she was very happily eating and she wasn't limping anymore. As you said it is very direct and easy with animals. Great to experience that, Patricia

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